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1449 Manktown Road, Waldoboro Maine 04572
Welcome to Mid-Maine Firearms, centrally located in the Mid-Coast Region. Our specialty is firearms, as well as the equipment and training needed to responsibly use them.

If you’re tired of big-box stores with side-line gun departments, you might want to check us out. You won’t find clerks behind the counter who don’t know the difference between a .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO chamber. You will find full-time, professional firearms staff who are highly experienced shooters and trainers, committed to providing honest service and reliable products at a fair price. We don’t sell boats, boots or bicycles; we sell what we know: guns!

Our prices are competitive, and we’re located to service Central Maine, and places beyond. You might drive a whole lot further to save a few bucks from some giant retailer, but please do the math first. We think you may be pleasantly surprised by our fair prices and customer service.

We can help you create a true one-of-a-kind firearm, or we can order what you need. We maintain close factory relationships with Windham Weaponry and Smith & Wesson. Mid-Maine Firearms is also a full-line Savage Dealer. We sell other well-known brands as well, like Remington. Be sure to give us a call so we can help you make a purchase that will best meet your needs.
At Mid-Maine Firearms, we donít just sell guns; we work on them. Our factory-trained and certified armorer ratings give us the technology to provide many interesting services. Add strong competitive, sporting, law enforcement and military background and you have a recipe for practical and interesting custom options. We specialize in:

  • AR-15 repair & customization.
  • Smith & Wesson repair & customization, specializing in M&P Pistol work.
  • Remington shotgun repairs & custom work.
  • Shotgun customization (back-boring, porting, chokes) for skeet, sporting clays or defense.
  • Ultra-sonic firearms cleaning.
  • Scope mounting and installation of accessories.
  • Secure storage devices adaptable to your personal requirements.

    Mid-Maine Firearms Academy was created to provide lawful citizens with the skills required for responsible gun ownership. Unlike most instructors, Mid-Maine’s cadre consist of full-time professional firearms trainers. All are well-credentialed and highly experienced, with decades of on-range instructional knowledge to draw from. Whether you are a novice, experienced shooter or competitor, the Mid-Maine Firearms Academy can tailor training to meet your needs.

    Maybe you’re a beginner looking for a starting point on everything. This includes not only a suitable firearm, but also ammunition, equipment and cleaning gear. You’ll need some essential training pertaining to safety, use and storage. Where to start? Don’t despair - we offer complete package plans which provide you with the basics, rolled into one simple but affordable bundle. For the ladies we offer our Pink Package, which gives you everything, and is geared specifically for women. We understand your concerns and check our egos at the door. It’s not about us, the instructors. It’s about you, the students. You’ll never feel intimidated by Mid-Maine’s Instructors.

    Others may be seeking more advanced firearms skills. Maybe you’re ready to move beyond the basics, towards higher levels involving handgun, shotgun or rifle deployment. Using a handgun as an example, focus on holster skills, reloading, use-of-cover, low-light, tactics and accuracy will greatly improve your overall ability. At Mid-Maine Firearms, we have the technology. We’ll explain the principles. We’ll demonstrate them. You’ll dry-fire them until you’re comfortable. Then you’ll live fire and really improve!
    Steve Markwith
    Mike Garan
    Perhaps you have a youngster who is interested in shooting, with no way to start. Our Junior Shooter Course is the answer, combining firearms safety with basic .22 rifle marksmanship, on fun reactive targets. Want to learn how to hit flying targets? Our nationally ranked champion instructor can help. Maybe you just want to learn a few ways to improve your shooting. No problem.

    One last thing: Shooting is supposed to be fun! We promise it will be at Mid-Maine Firearms. Start training with the best and call us today at 207-975-1800!

    Cautionary note: Beware of instructors wearing lots of patches and banners. Ask for credentials. Please check out our about us page for more information regarding the Mid-Maine staff.
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