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Wild Tiger Designs was conceived by Doug Markwith and Thomas Guibord in 2003 and has been going strong ever since. Together they've designed hundreds of quality websites and left a sea of satisfied customers in their wake.

Markwith comes from a long line of renowned artists and has won numerous art awards throughout the years. He got his start artistically as a child using pencils, paint, and other mediums and made the transition to graphic work in the mid-1990's. Doug is extremely proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe (Macromedia) Dreamweaver. He's quite skilled in custom logos, website headers, website layouts, miscellaneous graphics, message board installation and customization, video editing, photo restoration, photo editing, photo manipulation, and writing.

Thomas Guibord shares a background in design and has created websites for clients ranging from multi-million dollar businesses to non-profit agencies. He studied graphic design and cinematography at Southern Illinois University and specializes in web layout, graphic design, and motion graphics. Tom is highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe (Macromedia) Dreamweaver, and Adobe (Macromedia) Flash.

Here at Wild Tiger Designs, our mission is to provide you fast, friendly, professional service at a price that absolutely can't be beat. Our rates vary depending on the complexity of your project but are guaranteed to be the lowest you'll find anywhere. We undercut the competition by offering top-quality service at extremely affordable and negotiable prices. Whether you need a complete website design or just need some updated graphics for your existing website, we're the ones for you!

Thank you for choosing Wild Tiger Designs. Please contact us today for a free quote!
We're fast, we're friendly, we're professional, and our prices can't be beat! We take pride in our work and know you'll be satisfied with it as well. Put Wild Tiger Designs to work for you! Website layouts, graphics, logos, business cards, flyers, photo editing... we do it all! There's no job too big and certainly no job too small so contact us today. Thank you for choosing Wild Tiger Designs!
Thank you for choosing Wild Tiger Designs!